Avallon Blindagens | FAQ
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Is it possible to open the glass of an armored car?

Yes, for safety reasons the rear windows are kept fixed, and in some cases, at the request of the customer, it can be lowered, but with restriction. The front windows remain operable and can lower up to 80% depending on the model. We should avoid getting the windows down, as it is in these moments that we are vulnerable to the criminals and nothing will advance the armor of the vehicle.

Is partial shielding allowed?

No, as it does not guarantee user safety, it is not authorized by the Army.

Which documents are required?

To protect your car, if you are a legal person present a simple social contract copy or last change, documents of 2 partners (legal and substitute), a simple copy of CNH or RG and CPF, a simple copy of proof of address (Water, Light, Gas or Fixed Telephone), Electoral Criminal Certificate of each member, Vehicle Invoice (if it is 0km) or CRLV (New), Declaration of suitability of each member and Power of Attorney for the army signed by one of the partners. And for the physical person, submit a simple CNH or RG and CPF, Vehicle Invoice (if it is 0km) or CRLV (New), Declaration of Suitability, Army Power of Attorney, Electoral Criminal Certificate and simple proof of address (Water, Light, Gas or Landline). The owner will have a wallet marked “Armored vehicle”.

How is the tire armor made?

It is a device that keeps the tire stuck to the wheel and even bored, allowing to move for a few km.

What is delamination?

It is the process of detachment between the glass and polycarbonate sheets, which constitute the ballistic package of a shielded glass.

Does delaminated glass lose ballistic resistance?

It all depends on the degree and its location on the glass. In the event of any suspicion, please contact the Assistance who will do a technical analysis on what would be feasible for the solution of the problem.

Does the resale value of the armored vehicle change a lot?

Shielding should be considered as a very specific “accessory” type that has been added to the vehicle, and retains its value to anyone who needs it, like any other accessory, even if it experiences a normal derogatory like the rest of the vehicle or other accessories of the same .

Does the armored glass remain safe after the warranty expires?

Ballistic protection does not end with the end of warranty. The warranty refers to the period in which the maintenance of the shield is the responsibility of the manufacturer.

What reasons can a glass crack?

The crack can be triggered by three factors: strong impact, thermal shock, open and close the door with the windows lowered.

What are the precautions taken to conserve armored glass?

When moving the windows make sure that the vehicle’s engine is running so that there is no overcharge of the battery. When closing the doors, always keep the windows closed. This will prevent them from breaking. Avoid leaving the vehicle exposed to the sun for long periods. Clean the inside of the windows only with a clean cloth. Do not wipe dry paper or dry cloth, especially over dust.