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Padrão Avallon


When one speaks of “standard”, it is natural to come to mind the idea of “quality standard”. At Avallon, however, we transcend this precept by immersing ourselves in our own philosophy and commitment.
To define this concept, we first need to know the external factors that motivate and impel Avallon in the performance of its services, as well as understand the pillars that determine the link between the company and everything that is around it.
Generally, business appears in the market as solutions to common needs and problems of society, generating improvements and the well-being of people. At Avallon, the primary need of the target audience is security.
But after all, what does a person really want when seeking security? By observing Avallon and the essence of your audience in a humanized way, you can understand what really lies behind in this quest.

Beyond Shield

In addition to safety, many are the reasons that lead an individual to armor their car, such as mere personal desire or status. Whatever the pretext, Avallon gives its customers the possibility to reach those desires, offering a series of benefits in its products and services.
The perception that there is something beyond shielding is a very important factor in the definition of the Avallon Standard, as it becomes part of the lives of countless people, ensuring safety and reliability and providing well-being and tranquility.
Looking at this perspective, the company realizes that these values ​​go far beyond the armor itself, since the security offered in Avallon’s services, products and services are as important to people’s lives as holding a child’s hand when crossing the street or put the seat belt on. So, the company signs a new commitment based on its standard: Preserving not only your life, but your entire family.